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        1. Charging

          KAM CCS 75kW Charger

          The electric vehicle DC charging integrated machine designed by KAM is mainly used for fast charging of electric vehicles. The product can be installed outdoors, with a waterproof and dustproof design. The protection level is IP54. This product combines the charging interface, human-computer interaction interface, and charger , Communication, billing and other components are integrated into one, adopting modular design, with the characteristics of convenient installation and debugging, simple operation and maintenance.

          Maximum output power75KWPower FactorHz45 — 55Hz
          Input voltage range260V-530Vac(Line voltage)AC input systemA135A
          Output voltage range250-750VdcOutput voltage adjustment rangeRated input, rated load≥0.98
          Output current115AOutput current range3W+N+PE three-phase five-wire system
          AC input voltage range260-530VacInput undervoltage protection point255±5Vac
          Rated AC input voltage380VacInput overvoltage protection point535±5Vac
          AC input frequency range45-55HzHardware overvoltage protection point635Vdc
          AC maximum input current135AFailsafeOutput over current protection, output short circuit protection, over temperature protection